We are non profit

The "Black Privilege" mobile app will be a fully functional FREE platform that will provide a unique user experience. And it all starts in the greater Kansas City area!

Our mission is to connect and educate the black community through economic gardening and sustainable technological platforms. Collectively blacks are powerful with 1.3 trillion in buying power but unfortunately are relatively absent from business ownership & asset building.

The founder of this organization, who is an African American entrepreneur, comes from humble beginnings but through decades of hard work, faith and never quitting he became a successful investor and philanthropist. His vision now is to find innovative ways to positively affect change and wealth in the black community.


Join the Black Privilege Movement and empower the people, organizations, and businesses of the black community. By bringing black people together and giving them the tools to conquer their biggest economic challenges, we harness the power of positive change in our lives and the lives of our community. Join in by partnering with us, making a monetary donation, or working as a volunteer.